Create the life balance you seek

  Take care of yourself
Breathe freely…Tone up…Stretch out

 Cope with stress skillfully Decompress…Flow…Communicate

Increase your vitality

NOW is YOUR time!

Discover Your Potential to enhance our 5 human treasures:
Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Consciousness & Spirit

Have fun while you “get it together”.

Yoga, Fitness, Zumba, Martial Arts, Creative Arts
Dance with The Dance Studio Too

Creating a sense of balance in your busy life can be challenging!

Extend yourself compassion in this process. Your sense of being IN balance is continually developed in relationship to falling OUT of balance.

Spending time and money for your own well-being may feel self-centered, but there is no more important investment you can make. We must care for and know ourselves to be healthy, joyful and present for others. 

Your energy influences everyone around you!
  What are you waiting for?

Body Language Studio was created by
Cheryl Van Demark
Physical Therapist
Yoga Therapist.

Has your doctor recommended Yoga?

Allow me, Cheryl Van Demark, PT  to be your guide as you enhance your well-being.  I draw upon knowledge of our mind-body accumulated over my thirty years as a physical therapist to help you choose wisely from the vast practices offered through the gift of this ancient wisdom tradition, healing art and life science that is Yoga.

If you believe aches and pains, past surgery or health challenges are holding you back from moving joyfully through life, you can receive private consultation with Cheryl’s Health in Motion therapeutic services. We will Co-create a yoga-informed approach to your health care that  fits your lifestyle, reflects ongoing advances in mind-body science and cultivates the healing energies offered through the practice of Yoga.

New Martial Arts !

Welcoming Shidoshi Jason Jacobs to Body Language Studio. Bujinkan Jinsei Dojo will offer training in the Japanese Martial Art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Complimentary introductory classes will be held on Tuesday nights  at 6 and [more]

2014 Expanded Practices with Lynne Minton

Bandhas Demystified....... Jalandhara Bandha: Sunday October 26, 1-5 pm. Pre-registrater with payment by Oct 19 The subtle body cannot yet be measured yet it cannot be discounted either.   Bandhas or energetic seals are used in yoga practice [more]

New to Yoga?

 Beginning Yoga Class Series are offered every month.  Beginning Yoga July - August 2014.  Although not a requirement for attending class, this series is helpful to learn basic alignment and breath principles and to appreciate [more]

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